Info center Each member company has a homepage in this service. These pages offer brief company presentations, contact information and concise data on the products and services of the companies.

The basic participation includes an own homepage in this service with a company description and company logo, information about products and services, contact information, e-mail and internet links. There is a possibility to improve the companys presentation by adding pictures on the site.

The extended participation package includes two pictures with a limited size of 180 x 180 pixels.

Additionally there is a possibility to add two pictures with a greater dimension of 450 x 450 pixels.

Search and find

The site has three different search functions and these are placed at the top of each page.

The direct search on the left covers everything related to this site.

Search function via NACE categories (Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community) gives a list of companies belonging to a specific group.

When searching with the company, brand, product or service alternative, you will get a list of member companies whose names, brandnames, products or services begin with the chosen letter. By following the provided links you can find the related data.

For further questions, please don't hesitate to send us e-mail to our information service.

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