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Legal notice for Terminology
  • a user of the site is a regular visitor
  • a content provider is a Finnmade member
  • the service provider is the site owner and the publisher

1. Scope of Application; Purpose of Site

These Terms of Use will be applied to the content of the site maintained by Edustus Riccommerce (hereinafter referred to as Service Provider) located at and to all web pages linked to that (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

By using the site's services the users of the services (hereinafter referred to as the "Users") and the Finnmade members (hereinafter referred to as the "Content Providers") agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and undertake to comply with the Terms of Use while using or otherwise utilising the site and its services.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All material on the Site are protected under copyright laws. Copying, publication and other use thereof for non-commercial purposes only is permitted on the condition that the source is acknowledged. Any copying or quotation for commercial purposes is prohibited.

All trade names, trademarks and service marks of products and services appearing on the Site are protected trade names, trademarks and service marks of their respective owners. All usage thereof is prohibited without permission of the company in question.

All intellectual property rights related to software located at the Site are the property of Service Provider or its licensor. The licence terms of the software referred to will be applied to the use of the software.

3. Use of the Site

The Site is intended to be used to benefit marketing and selling related purposes of the Content Providers. All enquiries concerning the Site or these Terms of Use should be directed to Service Provider via e-mail at our information service .

All Content Providers are responsible for all Content placed by them. Service Provider has no possibility to review the Content before or after the Content is provided. Service Provider will use reasonable efforts to exclude all unlawful, offensive, indecent, abusive, violation or incorrect material immediately after receiving notice of the existence of such Content.

No cookies are used with regular visitors (Users of the site).

Service Provider has the right to modify the Sites appearance, structure, Content or other material at any time without notifying the Users or the Content Providers in advance and prevent access to the Site partly or wholly due to technical reasons. Service Provider will endeavour to give advance notice of the interruptions.

4. Content provided by a Content Provider

The Content Provider represents and warrants: to comply with these Terms of Use and not to use the Site for unlawful or indecent purposes or for purposes contrary to good business practice such as chain mail or messages, mass e-mail sending (spamming) or for other such purposes; not to use fake identification or e-mail addresses and nor otherwise give misleading information about his/her identity or origin of a message; not to provide Content to the Site without ensuring that the Content will not contain computer viruses or other such software programs; not to provide Content that: does not comply with the purpose of the Site specified in section 3 above; infringes copyrights or other intellectual property rights of a third party; infringes otherwise a right of a third party or is otherwise indecent, includes inappropriate material or is otherwise unlawful, inappropriate or offensive to someone and not to try to prevent or hinder the use of the Site by other users. The Content Provider tryes not to prevent nor harm other Users use of the Site.

Service Provider has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the Content on the Site. Service Provider has the right to remove or replace any Content on the Site at any time or to comment it without notifying the Content Provider in advance thereof, if Service Provider in it's sole discretion deems it to be unlawful or against these Terms of Use or if a third party presents such a claim; Service Provider has a reason to suspect that the Content infringes otherwise a right of a third party; or Service Provider in it's sole discretion deems that the Content is incorrect, misleading, out-of-date or in violation of good business practices.

5. Links to other Websites and E-Commerce Sites; Limitation of Liability

The Site contains hyperlinks to other websites and electronic commerce sites (hereinafter referred together as the "Third-Party Sites"). The User is aware that these Third-Party Sites are not maintained by Service Provider and that Service Provider does not actively monitor the content of these Third-Party Sites. The User acknowledges that Service Provider is not liable for any information on the Third-Party Sites or the content thereof nor liable for commodities marketed or offered on these Third-Party Sites.

The User acknowledges that when ordering products or services from the Third-Party Sites the User is entering into an agreement with the maintainer of the Third-Party Site in question. The User acknowledges that Service Provider has no liability for any order made using the Third-Party Sites and that Service Provider is in no other way liable for actions of the maintainer of Third-Party Site. The User must direct all enquiries and claims related to a product and service ordered using the Third-Party Site directly to the maintainer of the site in question.

6. Transfer of Personal Data

The User gives Service Provider his/her unambiguous consent to process personal data given by the User for direct marketing, opinion polls and market research and for other comparable addressed deliveries concerning the clusters involved.

The description of the personal data file of the Site required by Section 10 of the Personal Data Act may be obtained by contacting Service Provider.

7. Limitations of Liability

Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages caused due to events outside its reasonable control (force majeure). Service Provider shall not be liable for interruptions in the use of the Site or for any other restrictions or disturbances in the use of the Site or for the qualitative aspects of the Site or for its suitability for a specific purpose.

In addition to what has been stated otherwise in these Terms of Use, Service Provider shall not be liable for any possible damages caused to a Content Provider or a User. Under no circumstances shall Service Provider be liable for any indirect damages.

8. Validity and Amendments of the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are valid until further notice. Service Provider has the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time with immediate effect by posting a notice on the Site. The User is deemed to have approved the amendments if he/she uses the Site after the notification.

Service Provider has the right to remove the Content Providers right of use and access to the Site with immediate effect if the Content Provider is in violation of these Terms of Use.

9. Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes arising in connection with these Terms of Use shall be resolved in the district court of Turku Finland (Turun karajaoikeus).

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